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Christian Business Cards

Business Cards: As Tools of Faith
Business Cards are the standard in the business world, where they are used not only to allow people to know how to contact you, but also as a way to solidify relationships, meet new people, and increase business. Don’t be lured in by cheap business cards online though…take a little time to research what is truly your best option and we’re confident you’ll order with us.

While the needs of evangelism are different, personal selling strategies can increase both how many people you help, and how many actually choose to accept your message. Business Cards are effective in that they are small enough to always have on hand for when you need them. They are good as a leave behind, as well as a way to reach the peers of those you’ve already reached. They are also nice because they can be a soft sell that leaves behind a tangible lifeline to salvation (your phone number).

Witness in your Business
Choose a card with a fish or Cross on it to show your faith in your daily work life. This will give those who share your faith another reason to use your services, and those who don’t will realize that you are a living witness to the effect God can have in our daily lives.

Reasons Cards Work In Evangelism
Small Enough So You Can Always Carry A Ready Supply.
Beautiful graphics, Scripture, and text get your point across.
A memorable way to pass along your church or ministry contact info.
A “Leave-Behind,” offering a second chance to those who seem in need.
People will feel obliged to put them in their wallet.
Can Be Placed In Your Bills and Letters.
Can Be Left Behind As You Shop.

Promote Your Church, Sunday School or Study Group
Use it as a tool to find people who want to learn more about Jesus and what he can do for them. Do you have a growing Church looking for members. Business cards can get the word out about where your church is located. Just asking all your members to pass out 10 cards each, can dramatically increase awareness of where and when your services are. Do you already have a business card designed? If so, you can easily upload your business card template using our Upload feature and we’ll print it for you.

Use Business Cards to Raise Money
Do you need to renovate your church, raise money for that field trip, or to get donations for your food pantry. Business cards are a great way to spread the word about what your group needs to achieve it’s goals. When properly distributed you can be amazed at how who will receive your card. And listing how peoples donations will be used on the back of your cards makes them feel like their money is really going somewhere they will be able to point to later.

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